We, at Kroma, provide our customers with a wide range of services. We offer a variety of different service contracts aimed at ensuring that your equipment works optimally and efficiently for many years. Kroma A/S constantly works to improve warranty and after-sales service for our clients. We also offer telephone support so that you do not need to wait long until you lay your hands on an expert who can give you advice when the chips are down. Last, but not least, we naturally offer a wide range of spare parts that can be shipped from one day to another.

At Kroma excellent service means

    • that we advice from A to Z
    • that we offer assistance supplementary to your own efforts
    • that we carry out service inspections
    • that we believe in a long-term relationship

Service agreements

Kroma offers different types of service agreements. All of our service contracts involve us visiting your factory once or twice a year to inspect and adjust your machinery.

If you select a service contract with one service visit per year, we will most often make the visit in the autumn to ensure that your equipment runs like clockwork for Christmas, which is also the peak season for most of our clients. If you have any other desires, we will find a solution to these, as well.


  • Prevention of unnecessary breakdowns
  • Recommendations for future maintenance
  • Training of the staff
Contact service

On-site service

Kroma has a number of technicians, who install and service machines for our customers all over the world.

If your equipment is not serviced regularly and suffers a sudden breakdown, a fitter from Kroma can get your installation up and running relatively quickly. If you are within driving distance of Kroma, we will come in a vehicle of our own, and we will have the most common spare parts in the car.

Remote Access Supervision

Kroma has developed a Remote Access Supervision which stands for fast and efficient service support. Faults can be corrected before they result in extensive production interruptions. Remote Access Supervision remotely monitors, accesses the electrical function of our gutting machines at the customer site, and helps to find a mistake.

It is a secure and auditable gateway for service technicians to troubleshoot problems, perform proactive maintenance, assist with our customer operations, and help with sensor checks.

We also offer a service contract for phone support as part of the Remote Access Supervision. This service option can be ordered separately for most of the machines today.


  • Increased uptime, improved performance
  • Reduced unexpected downtime
  • Fast reaction times
  • No travel time and expenses

Spare parts

Kroma has a large stock of spare parts for all machines we have manufactured over the years. We ship spare parts by courier daily to ensure that the parts are received by our clients within the agreed time.

Even if Kroma has a large stock of spare parts, we recommend that our customers keep the most critical parts of the installation on stock themselves. Kroma can draw up a list of recommended spare parts specifically for your installation.


If you experience any problems with your Kroma equipment, we can often help you get going on the phone. Alternatively, we can connect the equipment via the Internet and establish what is wrong this way. We cannot make any manual adjustments to the machine, but we can usually get you going so you can keep your production up and running.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in a Hotline service contract.