Master of fish processing

Field service

During standard use of our machines, we recommend having them serviced after they have processed a certain quantity of fish. This means that the machines must be serviced once or twice a year under standard use.

We are happy to combine services for different customers in order to reduce the traveling expenses for all parties. Are you interested in having your machines serviced when we are in the area, please contact us so that we can coordinate our service in the best possible way.

Service brochure

About Kroma

Kroma is an internationally oriented company. With roots in Denmark, we operate globally with solutions for even the most local fish species in both freshwater and saltwater since 1975.

Given the growing complexity of machines, the need for fast and reliable service has also increased. We at Kroma continuously train our technicians to ensure that they are updated with the latest information about both machines and processes. Kroma’s team of experts provides after-sales service, which is available to our customers regardless of their geographical location.

Kroma is known for its ability to develop unique processing solutions. The processing of one species of fish often leads to the development of new concepts for other species. Kroma machines excel not only in their quality, but they are also a partner who thinks and acts on the basis of what is best for the customer.

Kroma has a big warehouse and we send international shipments on a daily basis.

Our values


We support a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within our own company and defined practices in the industry in order to better meet the needs of customers.

Food Safety

Food safety is our top priority. We understand that the sanitary design of the interior of the machine is crucial. All our solutions are constructed so that all inner areas are easily accessible and easy to clean making them highly hygienic.


We seek excellence in every aspect of our business. We aim to deliver the superior quality and highest value possible through our solutions constantly improving our performance.


Installed solutions