Gutting machines from Kroma A/S can be configured according to the individual customer requirements. The accessories for the gutting machine can be ordered together with the gutting machine, but it can also be ordered and installed at a later stage when the requirements have changed.

Waste systems

Kroma A/S design systems to remove the waste from the different machines. Either by using a vacuum pump or a hose pump to remove the waste from the gutting area. The standard vacuum system is designed for one gutting machine and has an automatic control taking care of the running conditions for the vacuum pump to improve the lifetime of the pump.

Take-away conveyor

The take-away conveyor is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The conveyor is designed in modules to reduce cost and time of delivery. For larger processing plants Kroma A/S design conveyor systems according to customer requirements.

Induction table

The standard induction table from Kroma A/S is designed with respect to ergonomic design. The induction tables can also be designed for the individual customer’s needs and internal logistics. Kroma can also supply an automated induction system for a GUTMASTER 1200.

Waste tray

Below the gutting machines, it is possible to install a waste tray that will function as a particle filter for the water from the gutting machine. The leftover waste (after vacuum suction) in the water will be removed and the water will drain without any risk of making the floor slippery.

Other accessories


VISIOMASTER has been developed for the purpose of eliminating the manual check…

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