From waste to value.

The SILAGEMASTER is an effective waste handling system that was designed with the purpose to have a strong environmental impact in today’s processing industry. One of its functions is to utilize or in other words to make use of by-product, which reduces the environmental footprint for instance, from the processing line at the fish plant or dead fish from the aquaculture sites. This system can properly process fish waste into an easy storable silage that afterwards can be refined into additives for various purposes. For example, ingredients for the feed industry can be used for pet, fish, poultry, pork, while ingredients for the technical purpose are biogas, fertilizer, and biofuel.  The fish silage is a liquid product made from the whole fish or parts of it that are liquefied by the action of natural enzymes in the fish, in the presence of an added acid. On the top of it the storage of the processed fish waste does not require cooling, due to the smart engineering technology, which places this system on another level. In fact, SILAGEMASTER optimizes the biosecurity at the individual processing plant by reducing the risk for undesirable bacteria to spread. That is in many ways the most valuable matter in the farming industry.


Dimensioned to customer request. 


3x400V, 16/32/64A


AISI 316 or composite.


  •  Operators: 1
  •  Motor: 3x400V, 1,5kW/1,25kW, 50Hz
  •  Acid dose: Adjustable, PLC-controlled
  •  Materials: Stainless steel AISI 316 or composite
  •  Finish: Pickled
  •  Weight:  Subject to project

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