Gutting and filleting machines




Up to 65 fish per minute, adjustable speed

Fish species:

Trout, mackerel, seabass, seabream, tilapia

Working range:

Fish between 0.15-0.8 kg, produced on 3 models


Ferrari of gutting machines

GUTMASTER 1200 is and will continue to be a popular machine in the processing industry. It has also, quite interestingly, been given the nickname the “Ferrari gutting machine”.

GUTMASTER 1200 is for those of you who look for high capacity, flexibility in fish size and machine stability. To achieve these GUTMASTER 1200 is designed to fit each and every fish species.

The unique 16-step system makes the machine very flexible to the size of the fish since all fish are measured in the machines and the knives for removing the abdomen and gills are adjusted with the help of this measurement.

The machine is designed with a focus on high capacity. It is very easy for operators to feed the fish into the machine. The fish is placed in the cup and then the machine positions the fish in the cup.

GUTMASTER 1200 is available in a roe version, which makes it possible to extract and use the roe inside the fish. The roe version of the machine is longer and there is a place that allows the operator to remove the roe from the fish before the fish continues further to gutting.

There is a large variety of accessories for GUTMASTER 1200 and some of the most popular among them are Cleaning In Place, Cleaning Mode System and BRINEMASTER.


  • Operators: 1
  • Supply: 3x400V+N+PE, 16A, 50Hz
  • Motor: 3x400V, 1,5kW/1,25kW, 50Hz
  • Water consumption: Adjustable, PLC-controlled
  • Materials: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Finish: Bead blasted
  • Dimensions: 5100x600x1600 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: Approx. 1000 kg


  • CIP cleaning system
  • Kroma Clean 1200
  • Induction system
  • Inspection/Conveyor system

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