Gutting and filleting machines


Gutting machines from Kroma A/S can be configured according to the individual customer requirements. The accessories for the gutting machine can be ordered together with the gutting machine, but it can also be ordered and installed at a later stage when the requirements have changed.


Kroma can deliver a wide range of accessories for gutting machines. One of the most sought-after is Cleaning In Place (CIP), which keeps the machine clean during the production process and makes everyday final cleaning much easier.
VISIOMASTER can perform control checks of gutted fish, thus making it unnecessary to use operators for this job.

BRINEMASTER is used for injecting brine into the fish that is to be smoked, such as mackerel, for example. If a GUTMASTER 1200 is equipped with a BRINEMASTER, the fish can be smoked directly after the cleaning process and the standard 8-12 hours necessary for brining in cold storage is avoided. Skipping this process results in significant savings.
BRINEMASTER penetrates into the abdominal cavity of the fish, so it is not possible to immediately notice that the fish is brined using BRINEMASTER.

Kroma can also deliver an integrated head cutting unit that can be fitted to most gutting machines, so it is possible to gut fish and remove its head.

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