Gutting and filleting machines

40 Years of Experience

Kroma’s many years of experience with machinery for the processing industry are manifested in the way we design our new machine models, but also in the way we try to design comprehensive systems for our clients.

Each and every machine ever designed at Kroma incorporates vast amounts of know-how and many hours of experience. As demands placed on machinery constantly change, a machine from Kroma is your guarantee that you will have a stable “employee” for many years to come. We have machines delivered to clients at the end of the 1970s that are still up and running.

When we design ready installations for our clients, we view machines as mere “building blocks”. Kroma can design entire solutions, or we can re-design an area in your factory so that it matches your desires with regard to capacity and other requirements.

Our machines are often designed for several different fish species, yet each individual machine is dedicated to an individual species to ensure the best processing result possible.


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